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Today's Poll: BektInk

Today's poll question I think we've all wondered about.

Where do you think Bekt's fabled tattoo is?

Remember, we know it's not on any of her that Cassl's seen thus far.  So it's not on her back (the bathtub when her apartment blew up), her legs (Russian Hooker Bekt), her arms or shoulders, etc.

Seriously.  Where is it?  I have a guess, but I want to know what you think.

Poll #1808671 Bekt's Tattoo

Where is Bekt's tattoo?


Presumably not on her torso either, since we've seen it as well (in "Kill Shot") even though Castle hasn't. There aren't many places left - her ass, or maybe right around her bikini line?
Oh that picture. It's so perfect for this question. She hid it well. :D

I still need to think about this. Important stuff ya know.
Her pants in Killshot were pretty high-waisted, so there's still some torso mystery. LOL
Castle is soooo easy!
I guessed hip, although now that I think about it, wasn't Beckett in a skimpy swimsuit? In 'To Love and Die in L.A.' she comes out of the pool is that gold swimsuit so the remaining covered skin should give us a bit of a clue!