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Countdown to International Walk Like Beckett Day!!

GET EXCITED!  On Monday, we legions of Bektfans will take to the streets of [insert name of city] in a whirl of style, beauty and effortless awesomeness.

Spread the word, yo.  Tweet it, esp. to Luke Reichle, the show's costume designer (let's see if he'll retweet it!).  Facebook it.  Tumblr it.  Dreamwidth it.  Send carrier pigeons.  Homing doves.  Skywrite it.  You get the picture.

Our tumblr page, which includes info and clothing ideas:  http://walklikebeckett.tumblr.com/

My LJ page with the official info:  http://soxie-whittaker.livejournal.com/15873.html

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of fashion!