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Second International Walk Like Beckett Day!

Hi everyone.  Sorry I've been more or less gone for months now.  Graduated, got a job, moved. You know how it goes.  BUT...my season 4 DVDs are arriving soon...so there will be MOAR RECAPS.

In honor of season 5 which I am sure is going to BLOW OUR MINDS, I am announcing the Second International Walk Like Beckett Day on Monday, September 24, 2012!  

In case you forgot how this works:

1.  On the aforementioned date, wear something AWESOME. Channel your inner Beckett.  Bust out those shoes that make you feel like a goddess, that jacket that makes you look all professional and sexy, that skintight blue cocktail dress that basically does nothing but say HI I'M HOT LOOK AT ME.  Spend a few extra minutes creating your own hairporn.  Tuck a ring on a chain inside your shirt or wear a man's watch.  Go with what moves you.  

2.  Revel in the floods of compliments you will get.  Hold your head up, girlfrannnn.  

3.  If a big sexy cheeky writer tells you he wants to write a book about you, say yes. Trust me on this one.

4.  Take pictures! Tumblr! Twitter (#walklikebeckett)!  LJ! Dreamwidth! Banners! Billboards! Send your best pictures to Luke Reichle (@RedCarpetLuke) and see what he thinks!

5.  And then as culmination of your own personal fabulousness, join with the LEGIONS of other fabulous folk by watching the Castle season premiere at 10/9c on ABC!

I have had questions about this before, so let me clarify: this is not LOOK Like Beckett Day.  It is WALK Like Beckett Day.  We don't all look like her and that's FINE. But stand up tall and feel strong and yeah, bite your lip a little to tease people.  Own it. I'd start singing I Am Woman but I think you get the point. 

And you might wanna pop one more button, just in case...



I've spent the last year wondering WWBD (what would Beckett do) when I get dressed in the morning. I'll add the heels she inspired me to buy, for the occasion, and I WILL OWN IT! :)
oh yes EXCELLENT. Yeah, I'm finding myself more and more wearing heels during the day. Thank God for gel insoles. Because I really do need to look fabulous...
Ooh! Will you be making another post to the community on the 24th to remind people? :D I really want to do this, b-but am afraid I'll forget all about it since I'm in Belgium & won't be watching the finale live on TV. <- FAAAIL.
Yes! I am spreading the word all I can. I'll hopefully get some pictures up - fashion ideas, etc. - and EVERYONE can join the STYLISH AWESOME fun.
OMG, I love International Walk Like Beckett Day! Did I tell you I recently used it to successfully renegotiate my financing on my house? And convince someone to make a major investment in my business. Seriously, it ROCKS. :-)
DUDE, THAT IS SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY AMAZING. Major props! I mean, it gets me a free drink, not financial gains, jeeez. So far I think you win at Walking Like Beckett.
*grins like a fiend and makes the noise of the crowd cheering in the background complete with fluttery hand movement*

I owe it all to you, she says, taking a bow. :-)

(darn it, LJ is refusing to post the right icons at the moment...)

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When I bought new heels a while ago (the HIGHEST I've ever owned) my 12-year-old son looked at them and said "Oh! Beckett shoes!"

Walk like Beckett has carried me through a couple tough parent-teacher-talks. I imagined we were in interrogation and the parent on the other side of the desk just WOULDN't be able to talk me down!

Looking forward to September 24th! I MIGHT throw in a little Dress Like Beckett. In fact, I already do *blush*

Oh, and congrats on graduating and moving and being all grown up! Keep treating people to the Castle theme!
Beckett Shoes YES, that's AMAZING. Hahaha.
Love, love, love this! Now if only it was cold enough to wear my favorite Beckett leather jacket (I live in GA).