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Walk Like Beckett Day!

TOMORROW IS THE HALLOWED DAY.  I am so EXCITED, we have been waiting for MONTHS to see More Porn On This Show.  

And what better way to honor The TV Show Of Hot Brunettes Making Sweet Love than to dress appropriately?

Walk Like Beckett tomorrow, friends.  I'm going to.  Walk tall, wear awesome shoes, etc. (click HERE for a refresher on How To Walk Like Beckett).  And WATCH CASTLE TOMORROW NIGHT.  Be strong, doods.

I'm already preparing, myself:



I am so PSYCHED. I have this snazzy little faux leather jacket that is perfect for this--it makes me feel cool, sexy, and powerful. I'll have to take a picture!

omg THOSE SHOES do want. Where did you get them?
I got them at Kohls ages ago, and I LOVE them. I always put gel insoles in my heels, and with them these shoes are super comfortable. I wear them all day. And I feel HOT.
With damned good reason. I mean. LOOK AT THEM. *grabby hands*
Okay, it's been a bit of a struggle so far today--work has been the usual chaotic emergency-a-minute day, and dressing the part hasn't been possible so far--BUT, I've been telling myself it's WALK like Beckett day, which means taking the lumps as the come and letting them roll off me, standing up and taking charge when necessary, making executive decisions for the good of the 'case', even if that means I don't get lunch.

So, yeah, will pull out the power jacket tonight when I go to dinner with the BF--but there is more to Beckett then looking fabulous--though looking fabulous helps!! :-)
Hahaha. Yeah. Basically it's about BEING fabulous. Looking fabulous is just a nice side effect.
I think props help getting the feel things--something to focus on--like your awesome shoes (which I lust after now, thank goodness there's a Kohl's nearby!)

I posted pix on the link I sent you to my website, if you're interested. :-)
I'm so glad you linked this on the castlebeckett live journal page. I was not aware of this hallowed day and immediately changed my clothes and shoes at 4 in the afternoon. No lie. I look pretty bad ass, if I do say so myself.
Dude. I believe you.